Size Considerations

These floor plants illustrate representative sizes and locations of a RootCellar® within a home. However, every home is unique and we invite you to contact us to help determine the best options for you.

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Each RootCellar® is individually designed and built on-site according to client specifications. When you order your RootCellar®, you’ll have many options to consider. With regard to size and configuration, click on the thumbnails above to view some sample footprints. While any size or shape is possible, we can help you choose a design that meets your needs and utilizes space most efficiently. When looking at floor plans, you’ll see that a Refrigerated Pantry will occupy a space comparable to most half-bathrooms. To add some perspective, nearly every refrigerator on the market today provides less than 30 cubic feet of storage. Even a small RootCellar® will provide more than ten times that volume.


RootCellar Concepts provides two pricing options to satisfy the installation preferences of our clients. “Inclusive pricing” is provided when RootCellar Concepts serves as the sole supplier of all installation resources. “Contractor Pricing” is used when construction and installation services are performed by an alternate contractor with whom we collaborate. This alliance is common when a RootCellar® installation is integrated with a larger project such as a large renovation or new home construction. This allows clients to leverage their trusted contractors to perform installation services in accordance with RootCellar Concepts specifications. In either scenario, RootCellar Concepts provides design and installation consultation, specifications, components, and warranty.

No two RootCellars are the same. Each is designed and customized to meet the needs and lifestyle of the owner. To help us design the perfect product for you, please consider:

  • Location and space required — Our clients are pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it is to incorporate a RootCellar® into their kitchen design plans. The best placement is one that is easily accessible.
  • Zone Configuration — What will you store most? Do you need refrigerated space, freezer space, or a combination of both? We can customize the amount of space allocated to each temperature zone.
  • Finishing touches — Materials, textures, wall color and flow are your choice. We work with you and/or your design professional to select the perfect finishes that integrate with your kitchen design and decor.
  • Shelving — Like all other elements, your Refrigerated Pantry will be fitted with the shelving options of your choice. Floating glass and stainless steel are favorites.