Is this designed for chefs?

The concept originated in a professional kitchen but is designed for the home.  Professional chefs and home cooks alike will appreciate

having ample space for prepared items, easy organization and the ability to transfer food from the burner to the cooler while still in a pot, pan or sheet.  And everyone can benefit from shopping less, being better stocked and organized and having space for all of those items too large for a standard refrigerator.

I use multiple refrigerators; why is this better?

Until now, that was the only option. Many households have additional refrigerators and/or freezers that are typically located in the basement or garage and not convenient to the kitchen or entertaining areas.  These satellite refrigerators typically provide less than thirty cubic feet of space. With even a small RootCellar, you gain two hundred cubic feet of  space – all within easy reach.

Who needs that much space?

Anyone who’s ever stood frustrated in front of their open refrigerator trying to make room for a large item or container will understand the convenience of walking into a Refrigerated Pantry and placing those items on a large and roomy shelf without any rearranging.

Space translates to organization.  Almost everyone has occasion to store large items such as boxes of fruit, sheet cakes, turkeys, cases of soda, sports drinks, water or beer.  And if you belong to a farm share or meal delivery service, this will help you keep your food better organized and fresher longer.  Having adequate storage space makes these food options more appealing.

Is the Refrigerated Pantry energy efficient?

Yes. Refrigerated Pantries are super-insulated (R-value greater than 40) and utilize state-of-art refrigeration technology. And if your currently utilizing more than one conventional refrigerator, a Refrigerated Pantry can provide significantly more space while using less energy.

What is the recommended size for a Refrigerated Pantry?

There is no right size. Every owner chooses a size and configuration that fits their individual needs and lifestyle. But generally, the range of size varies from that of a small half-bath to a larger full-bath.

How can I save money on food?

With such an increase in refrigerated space, you can surely purchase in volume. However, the real saving results from your ability to better organize and consume your groceries eliminating waste. If you’re like most, taking the time to rotate your perishables is currently such a chore that you’re delighted just to squeeze the new items in when you return from the grocery store.

Is there a warranty?

All Refrigerated Pantries are backed by a five-year warranty with extended options available.

How do I order?

Orders are placed directly with RootCellar Concepts and we will gladly work with your preferred contractor or design professional.

How much will a Refrigerated Pantry cost?

Pricing can vary widely depending on size, configuration and finishes chosen.  Most designs average $20-30,000.  And unlike high-end appliances which can cost $15,000, this is part of your home and won’t be replaced in ten years.  Whichever options you choose, we think you’ll be sold on the value, convenience and incredible storage space.

Is there a freezer option?

Yes. Refrigerated Pantries can be configured as a refrigerator, freezer or a combination unit.

How can I customize my Refrigerated Pantry?

You choose your flooring, walls, lighting, shelving and many other accessories. Before each Refrigerated Pantry is built, a thorough design consultation occurs with the buyer, designer or architect to ensure that it serve your needs and complements the decor of your home.

Will you work with my designer or architect?

Absolutely. Because each Refrigerated Pantry is designed to integrate with your home and lifestyle, the customization process is essential and we appreciate the creativity offered by other design professionals.