“We’re newly married and just built a new home and we’re so pleased that our kitchen designer’s plan included a RootCellar. Within a small footprint, we now have ten times the space of a conventional refrigerator/freezer appliance and everything is within view and reach. The convenience and functionality is incredible and it’s finished to match the rest of the kitchen.  This is by far our favorite amenity in our new home.”   Gabrielle K.

At RootCellar, the concept was simple and the opportunity obvious: improve and expand home refrigeration. Nearly everyone can relate to the shortcomings of the traditional appliance with limited  space.   And many of us have things buried in the back of each shelf that age there in obscurity until they spoil.

Additional refrigerators, often relegated to the basement or garage, have been a favorite solution to gain additional storage space, but that only exacerbates the ability to organize and track what’s on-hand.  Our solution: a beautifully appointed refrigerated pantry with spacious shelving and a hands-free automatic door – all custom designed to match your kitchen style.  In addition to all this refrigerated space, floor-to-ceiling freezer space is available in whatever volume you choose.

A RootCellar® provides more than 10 times the refrigerated space of even the largest standard refrigerator.   A small unit provides more than 300 cu. ft..  This  greater volume alleviates clutter, simplifies organization of your perishables and reduces shopping frequency.

RootCellar builds its Refrigerated Pantry™ to superior specifications with only the finest components chosen for both aesthetic appeal and longevity. The quality design and functional enhancement also adds value to your home and simplicity to your lifestyle.

You step into your RootCellar® to stock, select and arrange your items with ease. Now, stowing larger items is not only possible but effortless; things like party platters, turkeys, watermelons, cakes and beverages by the case or keg all store quite easily.  Just as the walk-in closet transformed wardrobe management, our Refrigerated Pantry™ will revolutionize the way you refrigerate.