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4 Delicious Meals to Consider for Your Next Outdoor Party

March 2, 2020 Published by

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes much more time that will be spent outside. There’s no better way to start the new season, and say goodbye to the winter months, than by throwing a party on your deck, patio, or in your backyard. These parties get all of your friends and family into the spirit of spring.

But no party is complete without a couple of great food options. Outdoor events call for a slight alteration in your typical party menu, but if done correctly, the food will be one of the highlights of the occasion. Here are 4 delicious meals you need to consider for your next outdoor party.

Hot dog with Ketchup and Mayo
The American Classics

When people think of what type of food will be found at an outdoor party, they’re usually thinking hotdogs, hamburgers, and steak. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options, due to how easy it is to prepare them, and how satisfied people usually are after chowing them down.

In the year 2020, though, it’s important to consider that many people have dietary restrictions and preferences. Ensure your party menu appeals to everyone by offering veggie burgers, and meat substitutes such as the Beyond Burger.

American Burger

Potato Salad (With a Twist)

Potato salad is another staple at outdoor get-togethers, and for good reason. The dish isn’t too complex to prepare, and it can satisfy lots of party goers due to it’s satisfying taste, and belly-filling starches. And while potato salad is already a crowd pleaser, consider adding a twist to the meal to keep things fresh.

Potato salad with bacon and eggs is sure to surprise a few party-goers, and probably even become a topic of conversation. Another possible way to customize the dish could be going with the, “Southern Style,” potato salad, which involves the perfect mix of mayonnaise and mustard.


This famous Italian appetizer has been passed from generation to generation, and it seems to taste better every time you try it. Bruschetta at an outdoor party may come as a welcomed-surprise to many party-goers, as people more often associate the food with italian restaurants and indoor occasions. Add your own favorite touch to the appetizer to make it your own, then bring it out before the main courses.

Taco Lettuce Wraps

Here’s the most outside of the box idea you’ll find on this list. Lettuce wraps are becoming more and more popular, and as a result, people are getting more creative with what you can stuff them with.

Taco lettuce wraps have become a growing trend in communities across the country, and when you take a look at the recipe, you’ll see why. Take advantage of the freedom of being outdoors by going with a more natural, yet still delicious meal.

A sandwich wrapped in Lettuce

Outdoor party season is on the horizon, and while you’re putting together the guest list, you should also be considering the right types of food to keep the party happy. With the 4 menu options on this list, you’ll be sure to keep everyone happy.

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