A grilled cheese sandwich

4 Sandwich Ideas You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

February 24, 2020 Published by

Life tends to slow down a bit in the winter time, which leads people to find entertainment in some pretty unique ways. Chief among these ways to pass the time in the colder months is by making and eating some interesting foods.

We’re sure you’ve discovered some truly innovative food options over the years through trial and error, but there’s always room for me. Here are 5 sandwich ideas you’ve probably never thought of.

A sandwich on brown bread

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich With Coleslaw

Whether or not you’re a big fan of coleslaw, it makes a perfect addition to a buffalo chicken sandwich. The combination of temperatures and flavors make for a truly unique sandwich experience that will change your opinion on buffalo chicken sandwiches for good.

Mix in some of your favorite brands and toppings to really make the sandwich your own. You’ll be glad you did. (Inspired by Brit & Co).


Roast Chicken with Olive Oil and Goat Cheese

Alright, you’ve probably thought of a roast chicken sandwich before. But the twist of this sandwich is the goat cheese, which really changes the taste, texture, and style of the food. Even if you may not be big on goat cheese typically, it’s worth trying in this case, as it doesn’t over power the chicken.

The veggies you chose are an area of the sandwich where you can get creative, but as mentioned by Saveur, you should ensure they are thinly sliced.

Roast Chicken on a Plate

Grilled Cheese Pizza

That’s right. We aren’t above a classic grilled cheese pizza sandwich. And anyone who is, doesn’t know what they’re missing. This sandwich will naturally be a smash with kids, but it also makes for a great treat for adults too.

There are some ways you can customize the sandwich, but the main ingredients are (unsurprisingly) cheese, sauce, and bread. Make the sandwich your own by trying out different cheeses, and even throwing on some classic pizza style toppings.

A grilled cheese sandwich

The Chicken Waldorf Sandwich

Ever heard of the chicken waldorf sandwich? We hadn’t either until we stumbled upon this blog from Spruce Eats. Possibly a bit healthier than the grilled cheese pizza sandwich, the chicken waldorf makes for a great meal at any time of day.

The sandwich is made up of chicken, tart apples, crunchy celery, walnuts, and sweet dried cranberries in mayonnaise-mustard dressing. An easy sandwich to throw together, the chicken waldorf goes great on just about any type of bread.

The options truly are limitless when it comes to sandwich making. But in the midst of your sandwich making journey, be sure to try the 4 sandwich ideas we included in this blog.

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