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Best Meals to Prepare for Your Super Bowl Party

February 2, 2020 Published by

For many of us in America, the Super Bowl is one of the most festive events of the year. While we may not be rooting for the Patriots this year (for once), we can all still have a great time watching the game with a little help from some great snacks.

While you’ll probably include chips, popcorn, and soda as snacks, there are plenty of meals you can prepare to keep your Super Bowl crowd at bay. Here are some of the best meals you can prepare on super bowl sunday.

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Ginger Ale Ribs

Ribs are somewhat of a Super Bowl staple, so you may not be altogether surprised to find them on this list. The innovative part of these ribs, though, is their special ingredient.

As told by Today, cooking ribs in ginger ale can add a serious flavor punch to a relatively classic meal. The ginger ale will tenderize the ribs, and add a flavorful texture that will make a world of difference. Hungry yet?

A stack of seasoned ribs
Baked Lasagna

Baked lasagna is a meal that can fit many occasions. From classy dinner events to game day dinner parties, lasagna tends to leave people satisfied. Another appealing part of this option is the variation of ways it can be served.

Lasagna roll-ups can be the best way to go for a more casual event, as it can easily be split up into pieces and past around (then promptly devoured). You can also get creative in terms of the type of cheese and sauces you use to appeal to your specific group of guests. This food can go quick, though, so be sure to cook enough for everyone.

A baked lasagna

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers

You usually can’t go wrong with this option. In fact, many people probably assume burgers will be on the menu at a game day party. There are also plenty of ways to customize your burgers to ensure everyone at the party goes home satisfied.

One of the most popular ways to customize your burger is by adding toppings. Which toppings, though, is where you can get creative. Bacon, mac and cheese, scallions, and onion rings all make for delicious options. For a healthier option, and to ensure everyone’s dietary needs are met, consider adding a veggie burger or two to the menu. While the amount of vegetarians in the United States has remained relatively consistent, the amount of vegans (those who don’t eat any animal products) is growing. A good host will account for all different types of diets.

3 Cheese Burgers on a table

A Super Bowl party should be laid back, and above all else, fun. While the game itself will dictate much of the evening, good food can only improve things. Preparing any of these meals for your superbowl party is a great place to start.

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